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  • Cross Country 2020

  • Swimming Gala 2017 - College Ste Marie - Private Secondary School

  • Flag Raising Ceremony at College Ste Marie Mauritius 2020

  • College Ste Marie Sports Day Mauritius

  • Aims ( Advanced in Mathematics subject) by Mrs Raynal

  • Admin Dept. of College Ste Marie

    Jennifer Silvio, Carole Raynal (rector), Simone Ternel, Audrey David, Audrey Esther, Gilbert Houbert

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  • Annual Cross Country - Candos

    Friday 31st January 2020

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  • Annual Swimming Gala - Thursday 5th March 2020

    Le Pavillon, Quatre-Bornes

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  • Flag Raising Ceremony to be held on Wednesday 11th March 2020

    Guest of Honour : Stay tunned ...

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  • Sports Day to be held on Tuesday 24th March 2020

    At Germain Commarmond Stadium

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  • AIMS classes ( Advanced in Mathematics subjects )

    Given by Mrs Carole Raynal, every Tuesday and Thursday for F2 & F3 students respectively from 15:15 to 16:30

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SWIMMING CLUB is a compulsory club for the Grade 7 and Grade 8 students.

It is an opportunity for beginners to learn and improve their swimming skills.

Students of other forms are welcome to join them if they wish to, as many of them train for swimming competitions, especially during the first term.


The students are going to the Pavillon Swimming Pool each week for this activity.

  • Written by  Kostubh Vashisth

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The Editing Club Corner is the one-way ticket, to learn about the juiciest trends and CSM news.

The team usually writes about Movies, Fashion, School events; it is all covered by the Editing Club.

Run by Mrs Pascale this club is always in the Junior Computer Lab, brainstorming with new ideas and articles to write. This term, we are writing on the different clubs.

Our most regular writers are: Ridhi (Form 5), Sarah (Form 4), Naomie (F4) ,Chloé (Form 3), Shreya (Form 2).

We aim to make sure that you are aware about every little detail concerning the school.

We write new articles every week

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The Service club is a suitable club for students who are passionate about helping others especially those in desperate need.

Thanks to Mrs. Lorna Armance, the head of the club, it has had the great opportunity to go and visit places and help to bring a smile to people faces.

The club was formed in 2005 (the same year the school opened) by Mrs Armance, and we organise collections of money or goods for orphans and the needy.

We also visit orphanages and other institutions individuals in need of care and attention, to deliver the goods collected for them and to spend some time with them.  On the 29th of March this year, we went at ‘Foyer vivre debout’ and ‘Couvent Fille de Marie’.

Every Friday during the 5th and 6th period, Ridhi (Grade 11) and Sarah (Grade 10) go into the classes to collect donations for the poor. We encourage you to give generously and to think of the people who badly need our support.

By Chloé (G9), Riddhika (G11) and Shreya (G8)

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BY Rebecca (Grade 7)

The Events club is one of the most important clubs at CSM, and it is run mainly by Mrs Karen Brissonnette and Mr Jean-Francois Tuyau.

Every year, the members of the club must prepare for the events that bring life to our school: Independence day (Flag raising), Prize giving, the School Concert for Music day, and the Fashion Show for Family day.

Jean-Francois Tuyau comments that it a challenge to gather all the performers every Thursday as they are also athletes or take part in another competition so they are rarely available all at the same time.

If you’re interested in a club full of organising, sorting out, singing and dancing, this is certainly the club for you.

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By Rebecca Domijan Bowler (Grade 7)

Craft Club is held in the art room on the first floor, and it is run mainly by Mrs Kerline, Mrs Stephanie and Mrs Jennifer.

The crafts they are doing this year are :

  • sewing,
  • tie and dye,
  • jewelries,
  • pom poms,
  • cushions
  • and bags.

Most of these items are to be sold on family day held this year on Sunday 15th of July.

The goal of craft club is to teach students different techniques of crafting and help to increase the funds gathered on family day.

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