• Admin and Management of College Ste Marie
  • GCE A Level Results College Ste Marie

  • Swimming Gala College Ste Marie 2024

  • Eco Planting Day organised by Mr Benjamin Li.
  • annual celebration of talents 2024
  • Admin & Management of College Ste Marie

    From left to right: Stephanie Florence, Senior Educator; Sylvain Grenade, Manager; Audrey Esther, WPO/Finance Clerk; Joseph Chowriamah, Rector; Jennifer Silvio, College Clerk; Audrey David, Library Officer; Sabrina Lafrance-Rejana, WPO; Gilbert Houbert, Finance Officer.

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  • Messe du Collège Sainte Marie, célébrée ce Vendredi 9 février 2024

    par Mgr Jean Michael Durhone, en l’église St Patrick

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  • Our medalists at the Intercollege Regional Athletics competition

    held at Germain Commarmond Stadium during 11th, 12th and 13th June 2024.

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  • Our Annual Sports Day

    at Germain Commarmond Stadium, Bambous!

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  • Our Annual Swimming Gala

    at Le Pavillon, Quatre-Bornes.

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  • Eco Planting Day

    organised by Mr Benjamin Li.

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  • Our Annual Celebration of Talents

    held this Friday 7th of June 2024

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Our rector's message

The College Ste Marie Service Club

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The Service club is a suitable club for students who are passionate about helping others especially those in desperate need.

Thanks to Mrs. Lorna Armance, the head of the club, it has had the great opportunity to go and visit places and help to bring a smile to people faces.

The club was formed in 2005 (the same year the school opened) by Mrs Armance, and we organise collections of money or goods for orphans and the needy.

We also visit orphanages and other institutions individuals in need of care and attention, to deliver the goods collected for them and to spend some time with them.  On the 29th of March this year, we went at ‘Foyer vivre debout’ and ‘Couvent Fille de Marie’.

Every Friday during the 5th and 6th period, Ridhi (Grade 11) and Sarah (Grade 10) go into the classes to collect donations for the poor. We encourage you to give generously and to think of the people who badly need our support.

By Chloé (G9), Riddhika (G11) and Shreya (G8)

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