College Ste Marie : Flash News - 2020

  • Cross Country 2020

  • Swimming Gala 2017 - College Ste Marie - Private Secondary School

  • Flag Raising Ceremony at College Ste Marie Mauritius 2020

  • College Ste Marie Sports Day Mauritius

  • Aims ( Advanced in Mathematics subject) by Mrs Raynal

  • Admin Dept. of College Ste Marie

    Jennifer Silvio, Carole Raynal (rector), Simone Ternel, Audrey David, Audrey Esther, Gilbert Houbert

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  • Annual Cross Country - Candos

    Friday 31st January 2020

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  • Annual Swimming Gala - Thursday 5th March 2020

    Le Pavillon, Quatre-Bornes

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  • Flag Raising Ceremony to be held on Wednesday 11th March 2020

    Guest of Honour : Stay tunned ...

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  • Sports Day to be held on Tuesday 24th March 2020

    At Germain Commarmond Stadium

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  • AIMS classes ( Advanced in Mathematics subjects )

    Given by Mrs Carole Raynal, every Tuesday and Thursday for F2 & F3 students respectively from 15:15 to 16:30

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College Events 2020

No events

Our rector's message

Vision - Mission - Values

Our Vision

To be a unique catholic educational community that actively caters for the integral development of each child who will serve… Read More

Our Mission

A team of dedicated professionals offering flexible educational approaches, working hand in hand with parents to guide students towards excellence… Read More

Our Values

Inspired by the Virtues of Virgin Mary, we promote the following values:Learn to serve - Truth - Justice - Fraternity - Respect - Discipline… Read More
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School Calendar & Normal school hours for 2020 - Post Covid

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Prior School Resumption :

  • Rapid testing for Covid-19 of all staff.
  • Cleaning of school compound, yard and water tanks.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of school buildings, classrooms and school canteen.

Upon School Resumption :

  • Staggered school arrival and dismissal times.
  • Staggered lunch break to avoid crowd gathering.
  • Daily contactless temperature checks at school entrance for students, teaching and non-teaching staffs.
  • Students and staff are strictly recommended to wear a mask when attending school.
  • Social distancing should be respected as far as possible.

Hand sanitizing at strategic points.
Cleaning and disinfecting classrooms daily :

  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch places (railings, tables, sports equipment, door and window handles, teaching and learning aids etc).
  • Ensuring an adequate air flow and ventilation in classes by opening windows.
  • Ensuring daily removal and safe disposal of trash.

Regular disinfection of classrooms and specialist rooms.
Toilet cleaning and disinfection :

  • Reinforcing frequency of toilet cleaning.
  • Regular refilling of hand wash and toilet paper.

Vigilance towards students’ health

  • ¬†Parents are encouraged to pay attention to their children‚Äôs health condition.
  • Parents are requested not to send their ward at school but to seek medical advice if he/she is experiencing flu-like symptoms and/or fever.
  • If a student is feeling unwell, parents will be called to take his/her ward back home and to seek medical advice.
  • ¬†In case a student has fever or is seriously sick, and the school cannot contact his/her parents or guardian, the pupil will be sent to a flu clinic of the nearby hospital for medical treatment.
  • Medical certificates should be produced for absences of SC/HSC students to benefit from the government payment of fees (90% attendance is still on).
  Attention to Parents
  • No vehicle will be allowed inside school in the morning and afternoon.
  • All students are dropped outside the gate.

The gate will remain closed during the day.  If parents have to come to school for any issue, they should call the office.
08:00   Formal arrival of students                 
            Staff available for checking temperature at the gate
08:25   Students will join their class preceded by hand sanitization by the Form Teacher
08:30   Form Teacher Period
Groupe 1(grades 7-9)                                    Groupe 2 (grades 10-13)
08:45   1st Period                                             08:45   1st Period
09:55   BREAK                                              09:55   2nd Period
10:15   2nd Period                                            10:35   BREAK
10:55   3rd Period                                             10:55   3rd Period
12:05   RECESS                                             12:05   4th Period
12:40   4th Period                                             12:45   RECESS
13:25   5th Period                                             13:25   5th Period
14:25   6th Period                                             14:25   6th Period
15:05               1st bell for ground floor
15:10               2nd bell for 1st floor
15:15               3rd bell for 2nd floor
School rules and regulations are the same. Students can wear navy blue regular pants and the only navy blue (not the grey one) school’s track suits with logo will be allowed during this winter.
We take this opportunity to request that you have a talk to your wards to be more disciplined concerning, not only the sanitary measures, but also the general school discipline.



What we learn ?

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Students' Testimonials

  • College Ste Marie
    Olivier Lower Six
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College Ste Marie - Latest News


Term I
Friday 10th January - Wednesday 18th March 2020
Term II
Wednesday 1st July - Friday 16th October 2020
Monday 19th - Friday 23rd  October (midterm break)
Monday 26th October - Friday 27 November 2020

Term III
Thursday 7th January - Friday 26th March 2021

Attention to Parents

Attention to Parents

  • No vehicle will be allowed inside school in the morning and afternoon.
  • All students are dropped outside the gate.

The gate will remain closed during the day.  If parents have to come to school for any issue, they should call the office.


Cleaning and Sanitization of classroom


Cleaning and Sanitization of classroom



Ranking 2019 at National Level

Ranking 2019 at National Level :

SC :

  • SC ‚Äď P.E. ‚Äď Micheal Turenne ranked 6th
  • SC ‚Äď Spanish ‚Äď Raniyah Owodally 6th & Victoria Froget 8th
  • SC ‚Äď Sociology ‚Äď Raniyah Owodally 9th


  • HSC Spanish Main ‚Äď Neha Purmessur 1st and Maline Poonyth 3rd
  • HSC English Sub ‚Äď Salman Bassa

Save the dates for April 2020

Save the dates for April 2020

Save the dates for April 2020 :

  • Thursday 2nd April¬†
  • Friday 3rd April

Save the dates for March 2020

Save the dates : March 2020

  • 5th : Annual Swimming Gala
  • 11th : Flag Raising Ceremony
  • 12th : National day
  • 17th : MSSSA Swimming National
  • 24th : Sports Day - Germain Commarmond
  • 30th : Marks in
  • 31ST : Dean & FT check report

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